All the same in #Sport!

15 January 2019

Sports, Children and Solidarity have always been our guiding star.

Let’s start from #sport.

We read on the Unicef ​​Italia website

that through sport, movement, physical activity, we learn some of the most important values ​​of life, including non-violence, tolerance and peace because sport is a universal language. It goes beyond cultural, ideological, social, political and religious barriers. In sport we are all the same or we learn to be.

What values? Friendship, loyalty, self-esteem, self-discipline, trust, respect, leadership, resilience, problem solving. Sport puts us in front of our limits and provides us with those instruments useful for t struggle and their overcoming. It teaches us the fatigue and shows us the results of so much effort. It gives our body a successful experience, no matter what the point of departure. What really matters is the distance traveled to see where we arrived. Experiencing this since childhood means to arm yourself forever to absorb the blows of defeats because the next game is still to be played. It means learning that confrontation with each other is an opportunity and not a threat.

We believe in sport and we are committed to promoting it and telling it why, without bothering the ancient Greeks, we need a future and future is children.

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