PULCINO D’ORO takes the field with PUPI Foundation

19 February 2019

Since its birth, one of the aspects of Pulcino d’Oro, is solidarity. In the atmosphere of joy that distinguishes the event, the organizing committee wanted to bring together all the participating sports clubs in one great ideal team, which donates the membership fees to charity, taking part in the solidarity project.

In 2016 the proceeds were handed over to the former blue goalkeeper Giovanni Galli to support the non-profit Foundation named after his son Niccolo Galli, an association that supports projects dedicated to less fortunate children, while in 2017 it allowed to host the team of Atletico Sibillini Amandola, a country hit hard by the earthquake, giving the opportunity to less fortunate children to live an unforgettable experience.

In 2018, however, another project was activated, always connected to the world of children. The registration fees were donated to the “Center Effatà Ludovic Pavoni”, located at Saaba of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, an initiative of the Congregation of the Sons of Mary Immaculate-Pavonian for deaf children, most of which became such afterwards the contraction of meningitis, which affected children during the phase of immunodeficiency due to malaria.

In the 2019 edition, the International Golden Chick Tournament will take the field with Pupi Onlus Foundation, created in 2001 by the Argentine Inter champion Javier Zanetti and his wife Paula with the aim of working in full protection  of children and adolescents’ rights, in order to generate a model for the growth of the most vulnerable social sectors. The Foundation is based in Remedios de Escalada, in Buenos Aires province, where a center for early childhood care and a complementary education center with 17 years of life are operating. Pupi Foundation has succeeded in developing a model of intervention, from early childhood to adolescence, acting with promotion, assistance, organization and collective mobilization.

The more than 200 sports clubs that will take part in the 5th International Pulcino d’Oro Tournament will support Pupi Foundation, in particular the project “Sport makes us equal”, which promotes sports activity as a tool to improve behavior and

promote integration.

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