Golden Guys!

26 March 2019

Here is a letter from the students of the current V BTM of the Marie Curie Tourist Institute in Levico. Since its beginning the Tournament has involved Schools. That’s because Pulcino d’Oro belongs to everyone in our Territory, it’s an opportunity for comparison, growth, learning, hard work but also for so much fun.

Thank you guys!

“Pulcino d’Oro is an important opportunity for us kids to undertake an experience that is different from school but at the same time very educational. This tournament offers us the opportunity to have direct contact with the creation and realization of an international event. In these days we have the opportunity not only to learn from within the organization of the event but to be active protagonists. Pulcino d’Oro is an event of this magnitude that involves and “distorts” the City of  Levico Terme, especially Tourism. In these days we have to deal with many professionals who are part of this event for many reasons. We, the students of the Marie Curie Institute, have been participating in this event since its birth 5 years ago and we have been able to witness and participate in the growth of this event that has evolved over the years, becoming increasingly complex and elaborate. The Tournament organizers immediately believed in us and in the contribution we could make, a different, innovative contribution, which is why they gave us the task of team leaders. On the first day of the event each student takes a team, previously assigned, and follows it for the duration of the event. For this team we become a point of reference within the Tournament and an essential link between the Tournament Management and each individual team. Our job is to get to know the team; explain to him how the event and its program work; accompanying her on the playing fields respecting and knowing the rounds of the matches; helping children during mealtimes respecting the time assigned to each team; helping children both on the fields and during breaks; accompany them during the show and organize the moment of the big game; help referees and organizers on the playing fields and stay up to date on the results of the matches.Furthermore we become a point of reference on the territory which, being for the most part external teams, do not know and it is therefore our task to let them know and appreciate it.Despite being complex tasks what characterizes this event is a strong spirit of collaboration that is created between us boys. On those days no age distinctions are made but we are all a team ready to help each other. This union is also created by our coordinator Camilla Chiusole who manages everything with precision, always at our disposal for any problem.The chick therefore represents an opportunity to grow, to mature because it is an opportunity that we are given to demonstrate what we are worth and how much we can be responsible and efficient even in an extra-school context”.