The international tournament Pulcino d’Oro has always shown, since the beginning, a strong inclination towards solidarity actions. It’s great to have fun and play, but it’s also amazing to stretch out a helping hand to those in needs. This is the message that we want to convey to our kids. 

This year the organizing committee has decided to host a team coming from the area between Marche, Umbria and Lazio, which has been hit by a long series of earthquakes that started a year ago and hasn’t stopped yet. 
Thanks to the efforts of U.S. Levico Terme and to the contributions paid by the others participating clubs, a “wild card” has been offered to Atletico Sibillini from Amandola, a city in the province of Fermo and next to the border with the province of Ascoli, that has suffered great damages because of the earthquake. 
Today this team, led by the manager and coach Pino Morelli and by Walter Fioravanti who is accompanying him, has proven itself as a valuable team in the Borgo Valsugana round. 
And most importantly, the team is living an important experience in order to leave behind fears and tension of the past few months.