There could not have been a better final for the third edition of the «Torneo Internazionale Pulcino d’Oro – Città di Levico Terme». It ended equally, two teams raised the flag: the reigning champion along with the Sporting Club Lisbona, who was taking part to the event organized by Us Levico Terme for the first time.

The last game of the final round in four, where also Hellas Verona and Torino played, has been the decisive one: Inter and Sporting took the field both having won and tied previous matches and also having the same number of goals scored. The last match, played on the field of viale Lido in Levico Terme in front of the public of special occasions, ended with no goals scored. Since the regulations didn't provide for any penalties, a draw should have been carried out but the two teams preferred to conclude their experience without winners nor losers, respecting the values of sport.
The baby players of Torino and Hellas Verona have been applauded too, having had the skills and the merit of reaching the final round.  The support and enthusiasm of the public has been there for all the 48 teams and 900 players participating.
The matches of the final round in four of Pulcino d'Argento, di Bronzo, Gialloblù and Arcobaleno (red, white, blue, and green) have been exciting too. Pulcino d’Argento has seen the exciting competitions among Venezia, Cesena, Cittadella and the danish baby players of Brøndby. They all performed great matches showing their high technical capacity. The team from Venezia won, ending the match with the same points and with the same goal difference of Cesena, but they made two goals more in the final calculations of the round of four teams. 
The Pulcino di Bronzo too has been won by a professional team, in fact Feralpisalò took the trophy and rose it towards the sky.  They were in the same final group of Virtus Bergamo (second place) and the two teams from Trentino, Ac Trento and Calavino, who arrived respectively in the third and fourth position. 
The Pulcino Gialloblù (yellow-green), named after the colors of the organizing club, has been won by Fc Nogaredo (yellow team), who surpassed, in their round, Pavonania (white team) and the other two teams from Trentino, Dro and Calciochiese.
Finally, the four trophies of the Pulcino Arcobaleno (rainbow) were also assigned. They were red, white, green and blue, each one representing the color of one of the four clubs who collaborated for the organization of the tournament. These are Us Borgo, Fc Calceranica, Audace Caldonazzo and Gs Roncegno.
The red Pulcino Arcobaleno can be can be now seen in the showcase of the club Virtus Bolzano, the white one is now in the club of Scuola Calcio Valrendena, the blue one has been won by Us Levico Terme and also Voran Leifers has now a new prize to be proud of: the green Pulcino Arcobaleno.

Final verdicts of the third Pulcino d’Oro

Pulcino d'Oro (golden): Fc Internazionale and Sporting Club Lisbona (ex aequo)

Pulcino d'Argento (silver): Fc Venezia

Pulcino di Bronzo (bronze): Feralpisalò

Pulcino Gialloblù (yellow-blue): Fc Nogaredo

Pulcino Arcobaleno rosso (red): Virtus Bolzano

Pulcino Arcobaleno bianco (white): Sc Valrendena

Pulcino Arcobaleno azzurro (blue): Us Levico Terme

Pulcino Arcobaleno verde: Voran Leifers

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