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Squadre Pulcino d'Oro

How to participate

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The Pulcino d’Oro International Tournament, which will be held in Trentino in June 2024, is open to clubs taking part in the Regional Tournaments organised throughout Italy and to clubs in possession of a Wild Card.
The Regional Tournaments will be played at Partner Clubs, carefully selected by the Pulcino d’Oro Organising Committee.
The clubs that have distinguished themselves during these Regional Tournaments will have direct access to the Pulcino d’Oro International Tournament 2024. Wild cards will be provided by the Organising Committee to clubs that intend to participate in the Tournament, but do not reside in the regions where the Regional Tournaments will be held, and to historical clubs.

The International Pulcino D'Oro Tournament

The tournament is for the Pulcini category (born in 2013, 2014 and 2015, who have turned 8 years old according to their birth date). The matches will be played 6 vs 6 (5 players + goalkeeper) on small-sized fields with goals measuring 4 meters in width and 2 meters in height, using size 4 balls.
Game duration and format: Qualifying matches will consist of 3 periods of 8 minutes each. The final group stage matches, consisting of 4 teams, will be played in 3 periods of 5 minutes each. It is important to note that no team will be eliminated during the qualifying matches.
Each team will play a minimum of 10 matches between Thursday and Sunday. During these matches, there will be at least one encounter with a professional team.
The qualifying matches will start on Thursday, June 15th. The final phase will conclude on Sunday afternoon, around 6:00 PM, with the matches broadcasted live on national television.

For more information

For more information about this, write to or call Andrea Scalet (347 6597188) or Alice Zorzi (347 1293164) , tournament organizational managers.

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