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Over time, Pulcino d’Oro has changed from a simple football tournament into a strong project. A sporting event that every year involves the best Italian and international clubs, able to attract many volunteers, associations, schools and various public and private entities. The Tournament aims to strengthen the spirit of collaboration and the spread of positive values ​​every year.


Pulcino d’Oro, over the years, has collaborated with a lot of schools in the Autonomous Province of Trento. The educational entities are involved, edition by edition, with tailor-made projects so the kids have the chance to help the Organizing Committee and grow from a human and academic point of view. Every year, more than 200 students participate with enthusiasm in the Tournament, asking to participate also for the next edition.

The kids make themselves available by covering various roles, such as Team Assistant, a support figure for the participating clubs. They furthermore carry out various activities such as data collection for economic-social surveys related to the area of Trentino.

The aim of Pulcino d’Oro is to involve as many students as possible, so they can have the opportunity to use their skills and better prepare themselves for the world outside.


Starting from the sixth edition of the Pulcino d’Oro, the Organizing Committee has set itself the mission of creating an event that is as sustainable as possible. In order to raise awareness among young athletes and the audience, different activities have been done to reduce waste and protect the Planet.

The concrete actions that have been put into place are separate waste collection, controlled feeding, accessibility to drinking water and participants’ accommodation near the sports field.

In achieving this objective, the Pulcino d’Oro has obtained two important awards that have certified this commitment: the Eco-Eventi trademark and the clean energy certification of Dolomiti Energia.

Furthermore, the Tournament takes place in Levico Terme – Valsugana, the first tourist destination in the world to be certified according to the standards of the GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council).


Sport-Children-Solidarity, these are the three pillars of the Pulcino d’Oro. The objective is ambitious. The Organizing Committee wants to combine the adrenaline of challenge with the positive messages and educational spirit of teamwork.

Sports values, through children, become an important opportunity for solidarity to bring concrete help to charity projects aimed at less fortunate peers.

Pulcino d’Oro from an international football tournament has transformed into a strong project. Every year the Organizing Committee brings together all the sports clubs into a single large ideal team, which donates the registration fees to charity. In this way, everyone takes part in the solidarity project.