The triumph of the first Sicilian Pulcino d’Oro Regional Tournament!

10 April 2019

Taken home the victory of Leeds United and Sunderland in the First British Pulcino d’Oro Tournament on March 2nd in the United Kingdom and their participation in the fifth International June Tournament in Trentino, the Regional Tournament of the most important  Football Tournament for Italian chicks category, now the run-up is really breathless. On March 30th and 31st the Stadio d’Alcontres in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, in the province of Messina, saw the chicks of 16 Sicilian teams challenge each other and it was a triumph of colors, joy and good values. Exemplary fairness in the field, the pace of play, respect for the rules. We were amazed at fair play in and out of English clubs but we were thrilled to have found the same mood in Italy, in Sicily, which means that children can really tell the clean face of football and sport. A part for the whole that can make the difference of the future, to show that the intuition of the Organizing Committee of the Golden Chick Tournament to focus on the youngest category has been and continues to prove itself a winner, as also mentioned yesterday at the opening ‘Councilor for sport of the Municipality of Barcelona PG, Antonio Raimondo. The Tournament formula that keeps all children in the game until the end allowing them to fight until the last match for a Trophy, reinforces courage, healthy competition, the desire to win without losing the opponent’s respect and self-esteem . The Golden Chick, as it is, teaches us to win and to accept defeat because one and the other have had time to build on the field, game after game. This is the spirit that also animates the “together for sport” project by Unicef ​​Italia, which earned the Pulcino d’Oro 2019 the partnership with the world’s largest organization in defense of children’s rights.

The ASD Partner Company Live Don Bosco Oreto and its president Ottavio Miano have been able to interpret the spirit of the Chick and have been really ideal collaborators: parents out of the field, calm coaches, referees with smiles who were able to keep the children in I play for hours with the same enthusiasm as the first game of the day. The sport festival has been successful in full. This is the Golden Chick. A tournament born under the aegis of the positive values ​​of sport, children and solidarity. An International Tournament born in Levico Terme 5 years ago that is preparing to celebrate its fifth edition, precisely, and whose preparations are already involving the whole community. A tournament that has grown so fast that it decided to leave the country and set up, for the first year, regional tournaments that would allow all amateur clubs in Italy to apply to take the field for a Golden Chick and opportunity to meet, from 13 to 16 June in Levico Terme, the chicks of Italian and foreign top clubs (Juventus FC, FC Internazionale Milano, AS Roma, Torino FC, Leeds United FC, Sunderland, FC Porto, among others) and compete with some of the best Italian amateur companies.Sicily was a milestone in the tournament. Il Pulcino d’Oro wanted to start from there for a symbolic embrace of the whole of Italy, which will make it capable of conquering Europe and dreaming even bigger, as children do, as anyone who believes Sport can be a resource to improve the fate of the world. The general rehearsals in England proved it: we are able to export Italian football and its rules, we are able to do school. We remember the next stages of the Golden Chick that will see the US Affrico in Florence and the Asd Trieste and FVG Football Academy in Trieste busy in April, in May the SSD Salaria Sport Club in Rome, the Asd Bovolone in Verona, the ‘Asd Sacco San Giorgio in Rovereto and the FC Obermais in Merano.And we also remember that this year all registration fees will be donated to the Pupi Foundation non-profit organization of Javier Zanetti, the exceptional testimonial of the 2019 edition.We thank all the teams that have taken up the challenge of the First Sicilian Regional Tournament dedicated to Sebastiano Buta, the first president of the ASD Vivi Don Bosco and Oreto and founding member of the Society, who died prematurely on February 25th of this year:ASD Ciccio Galeoto, Asd Or.Sa. Promosport A and B, Asd Ludica Lipari, Asd Pro Mende Football, Asd Juvenile Milazzo, Asd Polisportiva Gioia, Asd Pace del Mela, Apd Terme Vigliatore, Asd Vivi Don Bosco and Oreto A and B, Asd Real Retreat, Asd Gifra Milazzo, Asd Jona Calcio, Asd Sporting Athens Messina, Asd City of Torregrotta Football and congratulations to those who won the wonderful Chick’s Trophies created specially by the Trentino artisan Mastro 7: the Golden Chick at ASD Or.saPromosport, the Silver Chick at ASD Polisportiva Gioiosa, the Bronze Chick at ASD Gifra Milazzo, the Yellow-blue Chick at ASD Torregrotta Calcio. A Levico Terme, June 13, we await the ASD Vivi Don Bosco and Oreto, organizer of the Tournament and the ASD Promosport.

Congratulations, chicks!

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