Inter is the 5th edition Pulcino D’oro Tournament winner, for the fourth time in a row.

3 September 2019

Inter is the 5th edition Pulcino D’oro Tournament winner, for the fourth time in a row.

Thousand kids from 48 different teams (12 professional and 36 amateur teams) arrived in Levico Terme, from the 13th to the 16th of June, to fight for the 5th edition Pulcino D’oro Tournament victory.

Inter, Porto, Juvenus and Venezia were the protagonist of the last round to win the Trophy. Exactly as last year, Porto and Inter fought the victory on the last match, with the Italian team winning.

For Pulcino d’Argento, Roma won against Torino. In this round Virtus Bergamo finished 3rd and Parma fourth. Südtirol won the Pulcino di Bronzo Trophy, while San Giorgio Sedico conquered Pulcino Giallo Blu.



Pulcino d’Oro: 1. Inter, 2. Porto, 3. Juventus, 4. Venezia

Pulcino d’Argento: 1. Roma, 2. Torino, 3. Virtus Bergamo, 4. Parma

Pulcino di Bronzo: 1. Südtirol, 2. Sacco San Giorgio, 3. Voluntas Brescia, 4. Polisportiva Caselle

Pulcino Gialloblù: 1. San Giorgio Sedico, 2.Or.Sa Promosport, 3. Nogaredo, 4. ViPo Trento

Pulcino Arcobaleno Rosso: 1. Trieste & Football Academy, 2. Pedemonte, 3. Virtus Bolzano, 4. Sois Belluno

Pulcino Arcobaleno Bianco: 1. Levico Terme Blu, 2. Orieto Vivi Don Bosco, 3. Bovolone, 4. Roncegno Bianco

Pulcino Arcobaleno Azzurro: 1. Tione – Borgo Rossi 3. Roncegno, 4. Borgo Gialli

Pulcino Arcobaleno Verde: 1. Levico Terme Gialli, 2. Calceranica, 3. Salaria Sport Club, 4. Primoje



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