Pulcino d'Oro starts to fly! It starts from England

13 January 2020

Pulcino d’Oro starts to fly! Let’s finally kick off VI International Pulcino d’Oro Tournament.

All the Italian and foreign clubs that have already taken part in the Tournament are looking forward to returning. Many, many, from Italy and abroad, want to register. After the excellent feedback gathered throughout Italy in the past edition, Regional Pulcino d’Oro Tournaments will be underway for the second consecutive year.

Pulcino d’Oro will fly again throughout Italy, with the Organizing Committee that has identified and selected some Partner Companies located throughout the national and international territory that, for organizational, for facilities and project sustainability capacity, can coordinate tournaments with 16 or 32 teams. Also this year we start from England at the home of our partner Leeds United. The kick-off on Saturday 22nd February will be given in the city of Leeds for the second English Pulcino d’Oro Tournament in the presence of Premier League and Championship clubs. If the edition was beautiful last year, this year it will be really exciting. Leeds United, Arsenal, Aston Villa, West Ham, Newcastle, Sunderland, Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United and Nottingham Forest to name a few.

Not only! This year the Pulcino d’Oro further broadens its horizons, organizing the 1st Pulcino d’Oro Tournament in Germany (2nd and 3rd May).

Are you curious to know where and when there will be Regional Tournaments in Italy? Follow us, because in the coming days they will be revealed.